Circular Economy Chemistry with Loop Hydrometallurgy:

  • Undertake a design of experiment approach (DOE) to undertake research to develop the optimal chemistry to extract high value rare earth elements from existing waste streams.

  • Evaluate changes to extraction conditions using laboratory-based glassware and analytical tools.

  • Work in UNSW School of Chemistry laboratories under the guidance of Dave Sammut (Loop Hydrometallurgy), Dr Scott Sulway (UNSW) and Dr Jon Beves (UNSW).

Synthesis and characterisation of novel paint additives with Dulux Australia:

  • The goal is to reduce release of volatile organic compounds during drying to improve consumer desirability. 

  • Test and evaluate experimental products in prototype coatings using industry standard methods. 

  • Work at both The University of Melbourne laboratories and the Dulux Innovation Centre located in Clayton, Vic under the guidance of Dr Olga Paravagna (Dulux) and Dr Georgina Such (UoM).

Understanding the behaviour of polymer stabilisers in real world applications with Qenos:

  • Analytical methodology will be developed to measure the active and inactive forms of stabilisers in polymer products, such as pipes, after they have been in service.

  • Changes in molecular structure due to the chemistry of inactivation will be investigated and used to inform the design of better stabilisers, leading to longer lasting products. 

  • Work at both The University of Melbourne laboratories and the Qenos Innovation Centre located in Altona.